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Snooker, focused on the United Kingdom Championship

Marc Williams, current world champion, will look for his third cup in the United Kingdom, a tournament in which O'Sullivan starts as a favorite to win. The Great Britain Championship in Snooker is close to arriving. The first of the big three to be played in the 2018-2019 season will meet their new winner in a few months, Ronnie O'Sullivan being their main candidate to win it, defending the crown against the rest of the players.

The six-time winner of this Championship hopes to surpass himself and achieve for the first time in his career two titles there consecutively. And, despite being, along with Steve Davis, the man who has won the most times, has never done so contiguously, but that his crowns have been arriving in disparate years.

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It was premiered in 1993 when the Scottish Stephen Hendry won 10-6 in the final in which he would be the first of the three big tournaments to win. Then, he had to wait until 1997 to trace the same final and take his second title. Since then, it has been imposed in 2001, 2007, 2014 and 2017, to add a total of six trophies that accredit him as the best of the Championship of Great Britain, the second most important in the world of snooker.,428&ssl=1

However, O'Sullivan will have to be very careful with other strong candidates to raise the crown. One of them is Marc Williams, current world champion who will try to start the 2018-2019 season in the best possible way, winning in the first big, which would be his third crown in this tournament.

The Welshman did not rise this great since 2002, when he won in a very tight final 10-9 to Ken Doherty. Since then, only in the end of 2010 did he fight for a title that is the most resisting of the three most important.

Other favorites are Mark Selby or John Higgins, who want to continue expanding their crop of titles to get closer to the great snooker legends such as Stephen Hendry or Steve Davis. The Englishman will look for his second wound in this Championship and the ninth of his career, while the Scotsman will try to reach the figure of four crowns in him and the double figure in his sporting life, always talking about the three great Championships.

And, in both England and Wales, Scotland or Ireland, the snooker is one of the most followed sports at the height of others like football. Watching a snooker game is a must if you enjoy sport shows.

The two non-British players who have more options are the Chinese Ding Junhui and the Australian Neil Robertson. However, it would be a surprise if any of them were imposed on the long list of snooker professionals that are in the cradle of this sport, the British Isles.

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