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The 7 Sins of Billiards

Admit it, we are all sinners, nobody gets rid of the temptation to cheat or try to get ahead of the rival with some dirty tricks ... In billiards everything is worth it... Or maybe not? Let's check the 7 sins of billiards :)

1. Lust:
An irrepressible appetite goes through your body every time you get the smell of wood from the cue, the pleasure of using the chalk against the tip again and again, that orgasm that explodes inside you when you break with a perfect serve ... A pleasure very difficult to overcome!

But remember, you have your wife, girlfriend or family, they also deserve a little bit of your time and attention. Although we know that it is difficult to get away from that attractive pool table, at some point you will have to do it and go back to real life.

It's hard, we know, but ... You have to be strong!

2. Gluttony
You have just finished a very tight game, if you lost, you need to play again to show that you are not a loser, but if you have won, you also need to continue playing to prove to others that you are a real pro

You play one game, then another, then another and another and another ... There is no limit, you do not get tired, you just can't stop. You are falling victim to the Billiard Gluttony and you do not realize it!

It´s ok, unscrew the shaft from the butt, keep them in the cuebag and repeat to yourself: "It's fine for today, tomorrow more."

You can! Cheer up!

Los 7 Pecados Capitales del Billar Poolmania 1

3. Greed
This is getting out of our hands... We started playing pool with a cheap cue, we thought "With this I have for a good time, what more do I need?" but ... we go to a pool club and we see other players with more decent cues than ours and it is not the same, it gives us the feeling that our cue is not so comfortable, it does not hit as good and surely it is not so beautiful.

What happened? The cue is the same, why does it feel so different now? It has an easy answer, WE ARE GREEDY, we want more and better.

We started looking for a new cue, between € 300 and € 500 is fine, right? Yes, but as soon as we try a more expensive cue, we come back to the same problem.

In the end, we become addicted, we end up at home with several very expensive cues. But one thing is true, they are so beautiful and we love playing with them!


4. Sloth
Prfff ... Again, the white ball standing there at that point of the table so difficult to reach. I have a ball shot from a hole, but what do I do?

I stretch everything I can to see if with a bit of contortionism is enough? Do I go for the extension and put it on my cue? Buff ... that laziness.

This has happened to us all, we can be lazy, but in the end the effort is worth it. Place that extension and give it a little use, you will see how it has its reward. We know that billiards is a leisurely sport but, not suitable for lazy people!

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5. Wrath
Arggggghhh! What an annoyance, we miss when we had that white ball and that ******** doesn't want to go in! Then we get angry, we insult, we scream, we cry and maybe we even crash to our beloved cue or a kick to the table ... We are competitive and we do not like to fail.

But then, we take a breath, we relax, and then we realize that all this is useless, in fact, we feel bad for this reaction ... So, you have to learn to control impulses, breathe deeply, count to ten and give the turn to the opponent, although inside we are willing to see that he also fails his next hit: D

6. Envy
It happens to all of us, no matter how good our cue is, we will always think that another person from our club has a better, more beautiful or better hit.

This is due to pure Envy, we want what we do not have and we forget how wonderful is the cue we have in our hands. Who knows if the other players are also dying from envy to see us play with that piece of wood so beautiful we have? Enjoy our own!

7. Pride
A day always comes when we get out of bed feeling like the new Efrén Reyes. Nobody is going to win us today, we are going to be the kings of the club, we want red carpet and everyone will ask for our autographs. Ha! How wrong we are, suddenly a rookie comes to our next game and gives us a lesson of pool ... At that time, we do not know where to hide our head.

This happens because of Pride, no matter how good we are, there will always be someone better. You have to respect other players and learn from them. Billiards is a gentleman's sport!

Los 7 Pecados Capitales del Billar Poolmania 3


We know that, like us, you have also committed some of these sins of billiards. Tell us about this in the comments!

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