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How to buy a pool cue without breaking the bank

Given the large number of options that exist in the market when buying a pool cue, it is not difficult to feel totally lost and without the slightest idea of ​​what features you should look for so that it adapts to your gaming needs .

A beginner player will not buy the same pool cue as a more experienced player, without a doubt the second ones will have the need to make a much greater investment since at a higher level of play, the smallest detail can become a decisive factor in the game, something that I don't think is so important if you are enjoying this sport for pure hobby or for spending time with colleagues.

Something to take into account is the budget you have, this will mark the possibilities within the models to choose. It is also true that, sometimes, it is more worth making an initial investment in a higher priced cue, but who can get more out of the long term as your skills improve.

If you are a beginner, a 100-euro pool cue can fit your needs. If you have been playing for some time and you are looking for a better pool cue, there are several options to consider.

We know that a pool cue consists of the butt and shaft. A mistake that many players usually make is to look at the butt (the design, especially) and hardly give importance to the shaft that comes with the pool cue. Although it is true that you have to look for a butt with a design that gives you a good feeling, if the shaft is not of good quality it can hinder the game experience.

Luckily, today, many of the economic models bring quite acceptable quality shafts, perhaps they are not comparable with the more expensive models, but without a doubt they are great considering the price they cost.

What pool cue are you looking for?
Now that it is cleare for you what type of pool cue can fit with what you are looking for, we suggest some models that could best fit your pocket.

Classic Value CV-5
This is a very good Classic cue, this belongs to its Value series. It has shaft made of maple wood with 5 / 16x18 thread and a 13 mm sole of adhesive leather. The butt is also made of maple wood, has a metallic thread and Irish linen grip.

Cuetec Deimos CDE-1
Cue with high-end technology and construction that allows for less deflection and maximum precision than with the R360 shaft, provides an unmatched gaming experience. Stainless steel gasket, Canadian hardrock maple wood butt. Rubber grip for a perfect grip and mace inlaid with exotic materials (ebony, white maple, abalone shell). It comes with Acueweight weight system to be able to adjust to the maximum to each player.


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Classic Prios CLP-2
Classic and its Prios series are especially recommended for beginner players. It comes with a shaft made of maple wood with 5 / 16x18 thread and a 13 mm sole of adhesive leather. The butt is also made of maple wood, has a metallic thread and an artificial leather grip.

Fury Chevalier ZS-04
With Irish linen, this stud has stainless steel rings, speed-loc thread and silicone sports grip. The shaft is made of selected maple from North America. It has 12.75 mm Tiger Everest sole and includes thread protectors. The ZS series follows Fury's tradition of providing unparalleled value without compromising design and quality.

Surely, you have just discovered a pool cue from this list that has made you feel in love with it for its quality and price. Do you know any other cues that could be on this list? Leave your opinion in the comments section below :)

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