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20 things you should never do when playing billiards

It is quite easy to make mistakes when playing billiards, some are so common they even become disturbing when you see other players doing them. You can prevent this by following these “what not to do” rules we are listing below:

1. Trying a Semih Sayginer's masse shot might end up with a broken cloth as a result.
2. Placing your drink on top of the billiard table. It might spill, ruin the cloth and you might end up being banned from entering that club for ever.
3. Trying to make a nearly impossible shot just because there is someone (usually of the opposite gender) watching you play. You will surely fail the attempt and end up looking like a noob.
4. Using excuses over and over again, no one will believe them, they will know that you missed that shot because you are not a good enough player.
5. Moving around, checking your phone or doing anything to try to distract your opponent while he is concentrated on his shot. Only jerks will try to do this.
6. Potting a ball without having a plan on what your next shot will be, this is a huge mistake.
7. Crying like a baby, putting the blame on the quality of the balls or cloth... all this bad energy is like a boomerang, it will hit you back.
8. Betting a big amount of money against someone you haven't seen playing before, he might be a Paul Newman...

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9. Moving a ball with your hand on purpose, not admitting you have committed a foul or making any other kind of dirty moves just because you want to win. Let me tell you something, cheaters will never be winners...
10. Trying an impossible 9 ball combo, you will most likely fail that combo and give an easy victory to your rival.
11. Do not leave your cues unattended. You never know who will try to steal them...
12. Being over confident because the white ball is placed for an extremely easy shot, this kind of shots can get to be the trickiest of all, but too much confidence can make you fail miserably.
13. Believing that your rival is invincible. This kind of thoughts will get you to no place. Even the highest mountains can fall.
14. Trying a jump shot during a game. If you have not practiced it enough, you can end up hurting someone.
15. Cleaning you shaft with sandpaper. This popular believe is extremely dangerous, you can end up destroying your shaft. Use cleaning products specially made for our much loved cues.
16. Not keeping track of the rival's possible next shots. This is vital for you to try and make the ball placement situation as hard as possible for him.
17. Not having a good break shot. This starting shot is as important as any other shots during the game. This can determine how the rest of the game will be for you.
18. Sitting on the pool table, you might look cool, but trust me, the owner wont like it at all and he might even kick you out of his club.
19. Buying an expensive pool table but using cheap cues and balls. You can afford spending a lot of money on a table but not on accessories?  Come on, at least get some nice Aramith balls to enjoy playing with your new table.
20. Going to a tournament without your cue bag because you forgot it at the club the night before... Trust me, you will look really dumb. Next time take it easy on the beers ;)

Have you ever made any of these 20 mistakes while playing billiards? Are there any other? Let us know in the comment box below :)

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