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This is how billiards will be in the future

In the same way that technology has conditioned our lives completely, technology will condition billiardsl of the future. In fact, it has already done so: the super-resistant balls, the last-generation cues or the beloved magic racks are inventions typical of recent times, something unthinkable 20 or 30 years ago. In this week's article we take a look into a crystal ball to imagine what billiards will be like a few decades later. Ready to travel to the future of billiards? Here we go!

1- Triangles that are self placed
All advance arises because of a need. And it is clear that the billiards players need someone - or preferably something - to place the balls for us. The templates work quite well, but I miss a more automatic system. If there is an engineer in the room, invent the intelligent triangle that knows how to place the balls alone.

2- Remote control balls to the pockets
Speaking of balls, it would be great if they incorporated a sensor that would take them directly to the pockets. Ideal to raise your levels of confidence on bad days or to surprise the girl (or boy) of the next table. Only for training, of course. In competition no remote-controlled balls. Surely Aramith or Cyclop are already working on it.

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3- Augmented reality glasses to know where to aim
I must admit that playing pool with glasses is a bit weird. But if they tell you where you have to aim to get the ball? Then they become your best starting mate. I imagine a Google Glass with billiard application that as you go down and put yourself to the shot, they inform you of your position, the specific shooting angle and all those things that we have in the head just before shooting. Not glasses, but what some guys from Portugal are developing is the PoolLiveAid, an augmented reality system:

4- Apps with statistics of shots in real time
As in football, it would be cool to know how many kilometers such a ball has traveled, what percentage of successful passes (shots) there have been, what is the black ball's failure rate ... In short, see in real time the game statistics to know in what way We must improve. Showing it in an app would be the best. Track to follow the balls: we could take advantage of the same sensor that I talked about in point 2.

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5- Pocket Cues
Problem: carrying the heavy cue from one place to another is a burden. And sometimes, if you're careless, they'll steal it.
Solution: folding cue that fits in your pocket. When you finish the game, you keep it in your pants and that's it.

6- Chalks that do not break when falling
Maybe in the future someone will invent a tip that does not need chalk to be used. Meanwhile, I'll be satisfied if someone manages to create the invincible chalk. Capable of taking several hits and falls without flinching.

More ideas for the billiard of the future? Share them in the comments :)