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The best defensive plays in billiards

It is well known that the best attack is a good defense. How many times have we managed to regain the initiative of a pool game after making a defense that puts the opponent on a hard position? How many times have we lost a game because we did not defend correctly when it was our turn to play? The defensive billiards is an art as difficult as the offensive one. In today's article we will see examples of impressive defensive plays and some tricks to improve these types of shots.

What is a billiards defense?
Simple: Consists in leaving a bad shot for the rival. That is, we disregard the main objective of billiards (put in balls), to force a bad play for the opponent and to put them in eaiser later.

5 things we achieve when playing defensive:
1. Regain the initiative of a game
2. Get a ball in hand that facilitates the game
3. Win directly a game (causing three faults)
4. Demoralize the rival
5. Improve our confidence (when we do not feel fine putting balls)

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Best defenses in American pool
The defensive plays in American pool depend a lot on the modality. It is not the same to defend in Ball 8 or Ball 9, that to do it in Ball 10. Each game has its dynamics and it is necessary to know the precise moment to defend. For example, in ball 9 or ball 10, make a very good defense in the penultimate balls gives you many times the game.

Better defenses in Snooker
Because of the huge dimensions of the table and the very small size of the balls, defending in Snooker is super complicated. Still, the pros do it wonderfully. And, as the embrasures are so demanding, they defend very often. Here are a few stratospheric examples of defensive shots from the great Ronnie O'Sullivan:

Extra trick: Even if you go to attack, if the shot is very complicated it is advisable that you think for a moment what is the best way to execute it so that, in case of failure, the opponent has a bad shot.

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Keep in mind, defenses are very important when playing billiards, but neither should we go crazy and use them a lot. It should be a sporadic resource that you go to only when you're in trouble. But if you see a clear shot... Go for it!

PD: Are you good at defenses? Do you like to destroy the opponent by messing up his turn? :) I await your answers in the comments.