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Technical principles of pool with Raul Hebles

Poolmania premiere! From today you'll have the opportunity to learn techniques and tricks that you will sure come in handy to improve your game in the pool table.

For this we have the player Raul Hebles, who in the first two videos explaining some basic fundamentals that we hope you like :-)

It is important that this left foot toward the point of ball (aiming), because it forces your body to put all perfectly balanced and in the direction of the object ball striking.

Leg Position. You put both legs parallel to the table, take a step with the right leg and left foot perpendicular tours .

There are three variants perfectly viable in placing legs :

1- Two legs stiff -used by the Russian players in Pyramid. It helps to have more control and precision.

2- Both legs bent: used by most European and American players. Used for carom billiards . It helps to have more pivot and space ( pivot : to move the cue when you are in shooting position , without actually pulling twisted ) .

3- Left leg bent and right rigid. Used by players of snooker and blackball (pool 51). It is a mixture of the two, you pivot a little more than the first and more accurately than the second to block the hip.