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Raul Hebles wins the I Tournament Circuit Kat -Pool

The Catalan player Raul Hebles recently won the I Tournament Circuit Kat -Pool disputed in Versus Salon in Pineda de Mar (Barcelona)

It was the first tournament of the ranking and 9-Balll was played to handicap, Master categories to 8 wins, first to 6, B and C to 5 to 3.

We share the chronic of the tournament written by Raul Hebles:

Pass the first round fee, and the second I had with Javier Esteban. I made a good match and I took a couple of flaws in my opponent to win. The pass round won a player B Girona where I had to go to 6 to 5, won 6-2 playing well. I had good feelings and was getting more comfortable at the table. In direct KO I wore a master as these began to play in this round of the first 16. It touched me Jesus Mollon and I won 6-0 displaying very good game. The next game I played against another master David Simon who defeated 6-2, match in which I placed very well and could do many series.

The semifinal played with my partner Albert Casellas who is playing very well lately. A match with a good service for me that allowed me to do several series and a defensive game by both very good. Eventually won 6-3. The final I played against Javier Martinez Canamero. It was a hard fought match and rare, these games do a few games very good and some very bad. At the end of the match decided to my advantage and managed to win 6-4. Actually I 'm glad to see players like Javi M, Javi Stephen, Eric, Moi and others who are improving championship to championship pool.

After this tournament has generated much excitement and controversy to the issue of handicaps etc ... If you are a real player and have accepted the rules of the tournament and the challenge, play, enjoy and accept defeat. This is a game and you have to enjoy. If on the other hand want to make money, I advise you to go to compete outside to look for work or play football, tennis or something contribution you what you need, because in the Spanish pool you will not find.

Congratulate and support the organizers tournament (Quique Moi E. and V.), which will be more good or more harm, but are made and in these times is a lot, so I ask more support and enjoy this sport .

This was the final classification of the tournament:

1- Raul Hebles

2nd Javier Martinez

3-4º Albert Casellas/Quique Escudero

Thank you very much Raul for the chronic and congratulate Pool Kat- Circuit for organizing :-)