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"Pakito" and Fran Sánchez winners in Spanish Championship Pool

"Pakito" Diaz and Fran Sanchez have won in the categories of 9-Ball and 8-Ball, respectively, in Spanish Championship Pool organized in Madrid by the Spanish Billiards Federation and Masterpool

To reach the 9-Ball Championship, the Poolmania player "Pakito" Diaz defeated in the final Antonio Fazanes by a clear 8-2 and initialed his magnificent performance throughout the tournament. "Pakito" won David Rey 7-3 in 1/8 finals, in quarter-finals defeated Raúl Martín Muela by 7-2 and in the semifinals, one of the major contenders for the title, David Alcaide 8-6.

For his part, Antonio Fazanes was going rounds, winning in 1/8 finals to Antonio Navarro 7-4, in quarter-final 7-3 to Jaime Serrano and in the semi-finals at Efren Bustos (he played a huge tournament) for a clear 8-1.


The win in 8-Ball for Fran Sanchez

Sanchez defeated in the final 7-4 to David Alcaide, demonstrating its enormous projection and reaffirming the good competitive level experienced by the Spanish pool. To reach the final, Fran Sanchez defeated in 1/8 finals to Alejandro Sanchez 7-3, in the round of quarter-finals "Pakito" Diaz by a tight 7-5, and the semifinals of Antonio Fazanes 7-1.   

On the other side of the table, David Alcaide won the round of 1/8 finals to Enric Escudero 7-3, Jose Garcia by a resounding 7-0, and the semifinals of Hector del Amo 7-5.

Diego Fernandez wins the National Championship 2nd Category Masterpool

Finally, note the triumph of Diego Fernandez in the National Championship 2nd Category Masterpool after winning the final 5-4 to Jose Iglesias.