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Measurements of a pool table and necessary space to put

Billiards is a peculiar sport: it fascinates many at the same time that few really understand it. When someone visualizes a game room, it is inevitable to think of a pool table in the center.

But many others do not stay in that image: they want to have it at home, to practice and for the pool table to be the fun center of, perhaps, the beach house or where you spend summers in town.

In that case, you should know that there are official measurements for the pool table and a minimum space that you should take into account before buying it. Keep reading and you will know better about it.

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How to take the measurements of a pool table?

Pool tables are not measured from one edge of the table to another, as we all would intuitively do.

No, they are measured from inside the playing area, that is, from one end of the band to the opposite end.

The reason for measuring the playing field instead of one end of the table to the other is that manufacturers equip their tables with bands of different sizes, which can make a particular table significantly larger or smaller.

The game tables, however, are standardized.

Take a tape measure and take the measurements of a billiards - the length of the pool table will always be twice its width.

The table's indoor play area comes in just three dimensions, while the outer part that encapsulates the indoor play area can be of different lengths and widths.

Because different manufacturers offer different exotic materials, designs and features that can make the outside of the pool table different, and therefore may have different measurements from one table to another if external measurements are taken.

Therefore, you should only measure the part of the indoor play area.

How much space does it take to put a pool table?

When determining the size of your pool table, it's important to keep in mind the hidden calculation, the surrounding space you'll need in the room and around the table, so that you have adequate space to play.

You'd be amazed at how often players hit walls, even ceilings, with butt and shafts.

Remember that, to play pool, you will need space to put yourself in a specific position to use the cue until you get the correct angle for the next shot. Adding enough space to do it comfortably is crucial.

The handles on the tables must have 1.5 meters of free space on each side of the table, or more, to allow them to move, with a cue in their hands, in comfort.

So just add 3 meters to the billiard table dimension, length and width on both sides, as follows:

A 137 x 274 table needs 440 x 580 centimeters of floor space or more; this provides 3 meters, centered, for width and length.
A 121 x 243 table requires 426 x 548 centimeters of floor space.

Leaving less space than this would require raising the cue to avoid hitting a wall or breaking a window or using a short cue, which is not the best way to play pool, and it's not fun.

The appropriate place to place it will depend on the measurements of your pool table. Go ahead we will see the sizes, but the best place is always the center or where you have the least space to place the cleats and the position to use them comfortably.

It is best to take the measurements to your (external) table and draw them on the floor of the room where the pool table will be and observe the remaining space. In addition, you must take into account the appropriate lighting for the table and the accessories that go with it.

Do I need a professional to install a pool table?

It is a question as common as it is difficult to answer.

The answer is a hateful "it depends."

Ideally, the billiard table should be installed by professionals: it requires the transfer of delicate and even very heavy parts, in addition to certain delicate procedures such as leveling the table and installing the cloth.

If you are going to buy a pool table, make sure that the business also provides its installation.

There are easy-to-install tables that really anyone familiar with DIY jobs should be able to install in no more than four to five hours.


Dimensions of different types of pool tables

To finish this little guide, you should know that there are different types and dimensions of pool tables. Not all are valid for your games room or for an official tournament.
The difference in measurements lies in the available space of the premises in different countries of the world.

For example, the difference in available space in English pubs in the 1960s was small when pool tables arrived: there were darts, and lots of people. So the American pool table is bigger than the English one.

That is why the American pool table became more popular: it is larger and more people can play.

Either way, there are official sizes for tournaments and others for domestic pool tables.

The three types of pool tables and their measurements are as follows:



Game zone


7 ft

200 x 100 cm


8 ft

233 x 116 cm


9 ft

254 x 127 cm



254 x 127 cm



285 x 142 cm


10 ft

305 x 152 cm


12 ft

365 x 180 cm


When it comes to the World Billiards-Billiards Association, there are only two sizes approved for tournaments. The first is the 9 x 4.5 foot model. The second is the 8x4 foot model.

So now you know: take correct note of the dimensions of your pool table and the space you have available for it, only with the right space and the correct setup will you be able to fully enjoy this beautiful sport.