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David Márquez, winner in the I Open Poolmania C.B. Eddie Felson

The Madrid player David Marquez has been imposed in the I Open Poolmania Club Billiards Eddie Felson 8-Ball played this past weekend at the facilities of the Madrid club.

Marquez took the championship in the final after defeating Luis Gabriel Mundaray. Mundaray began winning 3-0, but David Marquez knew perfectly resist and overcome the adverse score had to be crowned winner of the Open.

Towards its way to the final, David Marquez defeated in quarterfinals Manuel Montejo and Raúl Martín Muela in semifinals. For his part, Luis Gabriel Mundaray defeated in the round of quarterfinals Spataru Razvan Ilie and Toño Fazanes in semifinals .

Extraordinary pool environment that was experienced in the Eddie Felson in the two day tournament. From Poolmania want to congratulate the organizers of the tournament (especially David Marquez) and hope that a new edition will be held soon.