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6 hints for never missing a shot


1- Kn
ow why we miss the shot

If you do not know why you struggle always with the same ball, you will hardly get rid of the curse. The first step is to analyze the error and know the reason for the failure. There are at least 5 reasons why we fail when playing billiards. Do you already know which is yours?

2- Correct the error

Okay, you know why you fail and what you have to change to correct the error. But having that data is not enough. Einstein already said it: if you want different results, do not always do the same. Now we must apply the learning on the table. You have to test the shot with the correction you consider appropriate. You'll see that the success rate goes up, if you have analyzed the error correctly, of course.

3- Trust the shot

The third step to not fail the same ball is always to trust. Trust that you know how to throw it away (because you've done it a thousand times), trust that you're going to put it in (because you've placed yourself well and followed the correct routine) and trust in your possibilities (because it's the only way to achieve positive results).

4- Give all shots the same importance

One mistake that many billiards players make is that they hardly give importance to the easy balls and give too much to the difficult ones. Both extremes are counterproductive: when the ball is easy, they relax and the failure can come from there. When the ball is complicated, they give too much preassure themselves and the fault can also come from there. The trick is trying to give all the shots the same importance. After all, all balls measure and weigh the same, right?

5- Find the easiest way out

I had a soccer coach who, as a child, always told me: "when things do not go away, short pases and no risk". The same can be applied to billiards: if you feel that the balls are not rolling, try to play the easiest option that will give you confidence. Playing easy is very difficult, but it is the big difference between champions and those in the bunch.

6- Park aside the effects

And playing easy implies, many times, forgeting about with the beloved effects. Yes, they can be very beautiful and very colorful, but also a great source of failures. If you get used to hit the white in the center, you'll see that many of those mistakes that you always committed, now are fixed. Here are 3 reasons why I prefer to use very little or no effects.

What ball always resists you? Do you already know why you fail? Tell us in the comments :)