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5 bizarre moments of billiards

Bizarre Pool

Billiards sometimes gives us bizarre moments. Impossible shots, unexpected failures or epic wins. There were 5 surreal situations that we experienced in one of the most important billiard tournaments of the season, World Pool Masters 2017

1- The burning shaft:

When a player is "on fire" is usually a good sign. Not as good is when your shaft sets "on fire". Mysteriously, Alex Pagulayan's shaft began to burn as soon as he started his quarter-final match. Luckily, the accident did not stop him from winning, at least, the first game of that match.

2- Alex Pagulayan's terrible mistake

He started with his shaft catching fire and ended up losing the match because of a terrible mistake. The scoreboard was 7-7 (race to 8 game), he had an easy 9 ball shot... nobody expected what happened next. 

 3- The “jumping back out of the pocket” ball
Wojciech Szewczyk
got trolled by the central pocket. Sometimes putting the ball is not enough because, unexpectedly, it might just jump out back to the playing field again. Jayson Shaw got really lucky that day...

 4- The “weird” billiard player
Japanese player Naoyuki Oi gave us one of the most funny interviews last World Cup. On World Pool Masters 2017 he did it again, he just loves fooling around.

5 - The “weird” billiard player, second act
It is easy to make jokes when you just won a game, but it is not so easy to keep that attitude after losing. This seems not to be a problem for Naoyuki Oi, even after losing to Albin Ouschan he decided to keep with the “Apple–Pen” joke. Check the video below and enjoy :)

Something that also happened in this tournament that was totally bizarre, in a good way, was David Alcaide's performance. He destroyed Ralf Souquet in the first round, Shane Van Boening in quarter-finals, Albin Ouschan in semifinals and Jayson Shaw in the final round. What a great year for Alcaide :)