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30 Billiard Mantras

If you practice a shot over and over again, you will finally get to do it perfectly. If your repeat to yourself these 30 mantras (sacred ideas) you will end up being an amazing billiard player. Here are 30 Billiard Mantras.

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1. It is not a matter of putting the ball that you have in front, but of knowing how you will put the next ones.

2. A good defense is the best attack.

3. In order to win the war (game), you must place your soldiers (balls) wisely.

4. A controlled break shot is much more effective than a powerful one.

5. It is better to play safe than to play “pretty” (too many spin shots)

6. The most prepared mind is able to beat the most experienced player.

7. Spins shots are something we must not trust, but we should always be confident about “play center ball”.

8. Having a positive state of mind is one of the most powerful tools a billiard player has.

9. If you think you are going to miss a shot, you will miss it.

10. Billiard punishes pessimistic billiard players, rewards optimistic ones.

11. 80% chance of winning a game, depends on your mental preparation.

12. A good player with a bad cue will play like a pro, on the other hand, a bad player with a good cue.....

13. Pro billiard players also miss balls, but only once.

14. Always look for the easiest shot, play safe and you will win.

15. The best playing style and technique is the one that suits you best.

16. Trust your subconscious, let it play for you.

17. Your worst rival is your own negative thoughts.

18. Experimentation should be left only for training, don't try it on a match.

19. Missing shots while training does matter, don't get used to thinking it doesn't.

20. Think thoroughly when getting ready for the shot, once ready to shoot, free your mind and just shoot.

21. There are not 2 similar matches, that is the beauty of this sport.

22. Even though it is an extremely accurate sport, sometimes balls might react in unexpected ways.

23. Knowing how to end a match is as important as knowing how to turn it around.

24. Practice, practice, practice, practice, then you will win.

25. There is always a possible shot, you just need to learn how to find it.

26. The white ball has a great power, learn how to have control over it.

27. If you don't have a clear routine, then you only have a big issue.

28. Game pressure can be your best ally or enemy, learn how to use it to your favor.

29. Changing means failing, in order to win is it needed to change, you must also learn to fail.

30. Many times we forget about this, Billiard is just a game. Enjoy it.

Do you have your own billiard mantras? Let us know!  :)

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