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Online billiards, what, how and where to enjoy it

There are certain circumstances that can prevent us from enjoying our love of billiard, such as the coronavirus crisis. Although luckily we have the opportunity to try interesting alternatives, such as online billiards.

And you just have to take a look online, or in mobile applications, to find many billiard games, snooker and even pool online. Come on, you can find all formats.

Are they really a good alternative? Can you replace this format with the original billiards? Are they going to hook us 24 hours a day?

The answer to all of these questions is that it depends. As you can see below, online pool games and all its modes have their advantages and disadvantages. So it is better that you know all these details to see if online billiards goes with you.

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1) What makes online billiards special?

It seems almost impossible to match the good atmosphere with friends at your favorite pool venue, especially if we are talking about an online pool game on your browser or on your mobile. But still, they have a lot of people hooked.

The most amateur, even people who have never played billiards, have their first experiences in this type of digital support. Hence the move to physical billiards, where they will really test their abilities to put the balls.

Clearly, a pool game with friends, a few beers, and a laugh is a great way to spend an afternoon. But neither should we neglect the ability of online billiards to play anywhere and with anyone.

Multiplayer mode, with friends or strangers

You can think that with an online billiards game you will only fight against the machine, that is, a programmed artificial intelligence. But this is not the case, since the vast majority of applications already have a multiplayer platform included.

From the simplest application to the most complex simulator they have this option, so you will not lose the ability to chat with friends around a pool table.

For this you must make sure that you all download the same application or have the same game. Once this step is achieved, the only thing left is to agree on what time to connect to play some games.

What is sometimes impossible? Nothing happens, since you can also play with other fans, even if you don't know them. You never know when a new friendship will be forged or you will meet your arch enemy in digital billiards.

Play whenever and wherever you want

One of the great advantages of not depending on a venue with a pool table open is just this: you can play whenever and wherever you want. Through console, computer or mobile, you can enjoy a game of billiards online whenever you want.

It can be during your work break, before bed, during the coffee break or even when you are in the toilet. Places are only limited by your desire to enjoy online pool games.

Now, remember that having billiards so close at hand can become addictive, so you have to control yourself a little. Just as you would stay until the wee hours of the morning making a pool with friends, with the online pool the same could happen to you.

A great way to introduce the little ones

It is always nice to see how the new generations learn from billiards, they enjoy all the tactics that are in it and the pleasant roll of the balls on the green mat. But kids today have a little more trouble paying attention to it.

How to introduce them to this fascinating sport? Well, through a screen. And it seems that they have already been born with one in their hands, so you will soon see that the trick is caught in any online pool game that you put in front of them.

They'll want more soon, so it's a good reason to teach them the real inspiration for these types of games. Yes, the mechanics of a digital game are very different, but you will already know the rules and how you have to do to win.

2) How to play pool online?

There are three ways to play pool online. It all depends on the computer support you decide to use for it. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but they can satisfy your needs of putting the balls for a few hours.

Mobile apps

The most used and known. You just have to go to the Store of the operating system of your mobile or tablet and put in the search space the word "billiards". Hundreds of options will come out, both for snooker, pool and carom. There are all the modes introduced for your enjoyment.

Once you have selected the one you like the most, along with your friends, touch download and install it. Then, it is likely that you will be asked to register an account, a mere procedure where the most remarkable thing will be to put your name and a password.

In the end, you will be able to access the application and play individually or in multiplayer, depending on the characteristics of each one. Generally, it will be easy for you to find rivals if your colleagues are not available.

Browser games

Another option to avoid having to download anything to your mobile phone or computer is to play pool online through your internet browser. Thanks to these types of platforms, you only have to create an account and play.

The difference with mobile applications is that if you are not very proficient with playing billiards online on a small screen, in browser games you can use a keyboard or mouse.

Sometimes even the same game is compatible for both platforms, so your friends can be playing on the mobile while you are on the computer.

Video game

If the previous alternatives seem insufficient to you, perhaps in video games you will find your best option. Whether on console or computer, you will enjoy spectacular graphics and a very realistic physical engine.

What's more, since the arrival of virtual reality, you will immerse yourself in an immersive environment that will be a delight; and everything from your living room. In addition to that the controls are realistic, so you will have to move your hands to push the ball with the cue.

You can find these video games on platforms like Steam, where there are many alternatives of all kinds. Although you can also search in stores specialized in video games to find the one you like the most.

And what about other game modes, such as carom, pool or snooker?

Although they are not as well known to the general public, there are specific applications that develop this specific style.

While in applications or browser games you may have to find two different ones, in computer or console video games it is very likely that they are already included.

It all depends on whether you want to enjoy all the games on the same platform, or on the contrary, you don't mind having several and having a variety to choose from. Now, keep in mind that the handling of the block can change substantially between one and the other.

3) How much will it cost me to play pool online?

It all depends on what level of online pool game you want, of course. You can find mobile applications to play French billiards for free online, but you can also buy a high-quality virtual reality game, the most realistic.

The important thing is that you like the experience of this online billiards alternative, you get caught and want to play again and again. Just like in real life, come on.

You can start by trying free online pool games, but don't rule out making a small investment in one that gives you graphic reality and a decent game engine.

Can you bet money?

Although many online billiards applications and video games do not have this option, some browser games use their own currencies to access certain games. That is, you pay an entry, but if you win you get double.

So yes, you can bet money and increase your winnings this way. However, like any type of gambling, it is best to take it easy and in moderation, as it can create addiction.

4) The best online billiard games

Once you are clear that online billiards has many benefits, some drawbacks and aspects that traditional billiards will never be able to overcome, you only have to know the best games for you to enjoy.

If you search the internet for "free online game billiard", you will find many options. But not all are of quality. Here we leave you some of the ones that we think are more complete.


This billiard simulator available for Windows PC is the best you can find in the online market. With ShootersPool you can choose the type of pool you like. You can choose American pool (8 Ball, 9 Ball, 10 Ball, 14.1), Carom, Snooker, Blackball and Chinese 8 Ball. The gaming experience is amazing! Who does not like to playat the best billiard tables with a Predator cue and with a sense of reality unimaginable? A real blast!

Developed in Spain by top-level players and with a top human and technical team, Shooterspool gives you the chance to control the cue ball very well and play the game as you would at your pool club table. It has very realistic graphics making the balls, bands and effects spectacular.

To play it is very simple. You create an account, download it and finally install it. The price? You have 3 options:

1) ShootersPool Free 2 Play

Free and played online with limitations. It only allows you to play 8 Ball, 3 Band billiards with basic settings and Red 6 Snooker.

2) ShootersPool Starter: € 13.46 (Poolmania Price)

The most complete version of the game with 3 licenses, basic equipment and 500 VC, virtual coins that allows you to customize the game.

3) ShootersPool Pro: € 22.46 (Poolmania Price)

The most complete version of the game with 3 licenses, 1500 VC and pro equipment with first class tables, balls and cloth.

You can register with this link and get a 10% discount on any of the two payment methods. Also, if you already have a free game account, you can use the code poolmania10 to unlock the full game with the same discount.

100% recommended!

8 ball pool

This application is one of the most downloaded to play billiards online from the Smartphone.

From a zenith perspective, you can enjoy all the strategy and tactics of billiards just by sliding your finger on the screen.

It can also be found in the browser, for those who prefer to play it from the PC. In this case, you will have to use keyboard and mouse.

Pool Nation

You'll find it on Steam, a game platform that you can download. The game does not exceed 6 euros and offers you an incredible gaming experience. Both its visual section and the game engine are very successful.

In addition, through some additions you can customize your balls and other aspects of the game, making it much more attractive.

Snooker Nation Championship

Both for console and computer, it will allow you a gaming experience as close as possible to the snooker. It can be played both individually and multiplayer, and in the latter case it can be online or offline.

Whichever platform you choose, the graphics of the game are unbeatable and the physics as well, so you can enjoy both snooker and spend the entire afternoon playing.

Billiards 3D

Simple name, but if you look for it on Steam it will come easily. In addition, it is free. Billiards 3D does not offer as good graphics as the previous ones, but it is just as functional.

Through it you can play various modalities, such as 3 ball, 8 ball, 9 ball, 15 ball, Blackjack and 14 + 1, among others.

World Championship Billiards

Another complete mobile application, as it allows you to enjoy various forms of online billiards, such as carom, pool or snooker. Its interface is simple and intuitive, so you will not have problems to get hold of the controls.

It enjoys good opinions in Google Play Store, being also compatible for iOS operating systems.

It is not a game in itself, but you will find many free online billiards. Designed for a computer browser, you can choose the one you like visually, in addition to being able to play carom, pool and snooker.

You have a large number to choose from, both those that are only for one player (against the machine), and those that you can access without registering; you just need to enter the game and find a "room" with your friends.

Sports Bar VR 2.0

From PlayStation 4. In this video game you can make the most of virtual reality. It will immerse you in a colorful and attractive environment where you can play bar games with friends, such as billiards and its modalities.

For this you will need a PS4, and the accessories for virtual reality to work on it. But, without a doubt, it will be the closest experience you can have to reality billiards.

5) So is it worth playing pool online?

Yes, it is worth it, although it will never be the same as enjoying an afternoon of billiards with friends.

It is clear that the 8 Ball Pool multiplayer is not a substitute for the above, but at certain times it can entertain you and enjoy this exciting sport in a different way.

Online billiards is a good way to explore new frontiers, teach the little ones how to play and share the fun with distant friends. So the social component is very powerful.

What online pool game are you playing? Which of them seems more complete and fun? Leave us a comment and share your experience.