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10 hazings of billiards

Everyone who starts in this pool has a lack of mischief and fears. For inexperience, at first we always pay for hazing. It is only a matter of curing and curing so that this phase lasts as little as possible. In this week's article I collect 10 of these innocent ones that you commit when you are a billiard player fresh out of the nest.

Niño jugando al billar

1- Not checking that a ball is attached to band

Typical rookie failure. The rival tells you: "It's stuck, huh" (by that you throw directly on the ball without needing the white tap band). And you accept without checking. Normally if they tell you that it is stuck but there are more than one and two listillos that sometimes you get it. The same happens if you do not pay attention to complicated shots in which your opponent could commit foul (when the white is very close to the target ball, for example). Moral: do not give anything for granted, always check everything out.

2- Making the perfect match and failing the last (by thinking it was the last)

When there are a lot of balls on the table, but when you get to the last one, the head starts to spin around that factor and throws warnings: "watch out that it's the last", "do not fail that's the last", " There is one "," you will fail because it is the last one "," if you do not, this will not have served all the work ". And the beginner, as is normal, can not stand the pressure. Morale: all balls are equal and are worth the same. Keep it in mind when shooting. And remember that negative thinking wins with five positive ones.

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3- Crying after losing

I admit it, I was one of those who was crying after a defeat. I think it happens to us all, especially when we are young. I cried because I felt that I had failed, that I had not fulfilled my high expectations. Until one day I realized that crying did not fix anything. And I stopped. Moral: cry for more important issues; A billiards defeat is just that, a defeat. And losing is part of the way.

4- To be conformed by having arrived at the semi-finals

Very typical too: "Ah, I'm already in semis, I can lose quiet". Meeec, error. When think that you will lose that round. Moral: do not settle, go all the way, for the biggest drink.

5- Feeling intimidated by how the opponent plays

When you start you look a lot at the rival. Even before you play questions to others: how does he play? Is he good? Can i win him? It is normal to feel intimidated by how your opponent plays because you have not yet learned that your true rival is you. Morale: instead of feeling intimidated by the rival, feel admiration for how well he plays. Someday you will do the same.

6- Making gestures and complaints after failing

As a teenager I complained a lot after any fault. Several gestures and grimaces that did me no favors. It is very important that you learn to self-control and manage your emotions. This is achieved with experience and work. Moral: instead of complaining think why you failed and make some change so that it does not happen to you again.

7- Never defend

When you start you go to the attack. No spring to defend. You play it all. And you lose many games for it. The good billiard player is the one who knows how to stick balls and also knows how to hide the white one like nobody else. Everything has its moment. Moral: A good defense is the best attack.

8- Make hatches

With so much desire to win that he has, the novice makes traps to get closer to his goal. He does not do it out of spite, but through unconsciousness. For example, if you lightly rub a ball with your arm it do not say it. Morale: Never cheat. Winning in this way you only get two things: enemies and self-deception.

9- To think that W.O is a real player

The first time I went to a Championship of Spain (those of quadrant of 256 players) I flipped with the W.O. Why are there so many? Will they be family? Until someone said that they were not people but quite the opposite: absence of them. Walk-Over, passes exempt, you have been hit by the lottery (because you go round without playing). Morale: there is no morale in this case, just have a laugh when someone talks about the W.O as if they were people :)

10- Enter black and white (and not knowing that you have lost)

This happened to me in my first tournament. I was eight years old and played against a girl. I remember that we arrived at the final game with the room to overflow. I had an angled black that required a super shot and, fortunately, I put it. But the white one made three bands and slowly set the course for the porthole. No one had yet explained to me that if you enter black and white you have lost. So when I saw her fall I did not "fall" into it, and I jumped a little thinking about the stick I had put. Until my brother looked at me with desolate face and gave me the brutal news. That day I cried after losing ...

And so far my list of 10 hazing. Admit it, you have also committed them, and perhaps you have others in mind. What is the biggest innocent that you did in your beginnings? Tell it in the comments :)