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We've missed you. Will not happen again!

As you know, Poolmania is a newly created website, in just a year old, has positioned itself as the largest community pool in Spain. We are excited about what we have achieved so far but, above all, for all that we have to achieve with you.

However, no easy start. We know that some of you have experienced delays (in some cases too large) in the delivery of the products you have purchased in our online store. Each case is due to a different reason, but in the end, everything was based on a common reason: lack of stock from our suppliers due to the economic situation we are going through.

However, for us this is not sufficient reason for which leave to serve our customers as they deserve.

That is why we want to announce that we have reached new agreements with various distributors, and therefore, from now on, we guarantee delivery of all orders within 15 days.

Furthermore, we know that we've added new brands in our online store, such as Mezz, Pechauer, Lucasi, OB Cues, Karma ... and many more. Do not miss out!

For the inconvenience and confidence you have shown in us, we want to present you with a coupon for 5 € off of your next purchase. This only need to enter the following promotional code 1N7IRMPX in the "If you have a discount coupon, click here" when you're making your purchase.

Again, thank you very much for trusting Poolmania.