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The summary of the week in the world of pool and snooker (18)

News, events, videos ... We share with you the best of the last week in pool and snooker. If we had the opportunity to be a day not worry we'll make it easy.



- Ronnie O'Sullivan will defend his world title

- The concept careless - The return of the prodigal son

- The 2013 Haikou World Open Snooker

- David Martinez wins the Nova Hut Sub 21 of three-cushion billiards


In our blog

- Raul Martin winner in the I Open PROCUES Ball 10


Tournaments of the week

- Qualification Masterpool Cup for Spain

- Sun Cup (Mosqueoni Cup)

- 1st test EuroTour Ball 9 in Treviso

- Haikou World Open Snooker 2013


Video of the week

- Very happy for Ronnie O'Sullivan's return to racing :-)