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Raul Martin, winner of the I Open PROCUES Ball 10

The player Raul Martin Muela made ​​ with victory in the I Open PROCUES Ball 10 held at the Great Match Billiard Club of Madrid in the final by defeating Antonio Fazanes by 7-4.

With a total of 16 players registered, the test did not disappoint for its high level of competition. In the semifinals Yussel Olivieri agreed that Angel Diaz won by 6-4, Raúl Martín Muela by 6-5 and David Marquez 6-4, and Luis Gabriel Mundaray defeating Ivan Sepulveda by 6-1, to Xavier del Santo and Miguel Fernandez identical for 6 to 4.

On the part of losers slipped into semifinals Antonio Fazanes that Manuel Esteban dumped by 6-2, Kristina Slateva by 6-1 and David Marquez by a clear 6-0, and they beat Raúl Martín Muela and Millad Salohivand by 6 to 3, Javier Alienes by 6-4  and Miguel Fernandez 6-3.

Crossing Luis Mundaray semifinals pitted against Anatonio Fazanes, with the latter winning 7-4, and Raúl Martín Muela against Yussel Olivieri, with the first win by 7-3, thus taking revenge for the defeat they had suffered prior at his opponent. Interestingly reached the final two players who had agreed to semifinals for the losers side.   

Thank you very much to Ricardo Lopez (Richi of Procues) for his contribution to the blog of Poolmania and organizing this tournament :-)