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Different ways of playing Billliard

Billiard has different kinds of game modes, but every one of them is special. The objective, the rules, the clothing, the size of the balls, the colors, the prizes ... all of these things may vary depending on the game mode. They maintain at least three common factors: the cue, the chalk and the values. The greatness of billiards also lies in all variants of game. Do not miss today's article to know how many of them exist. Have you tried them all yet?


American pool is probably the best known mode in the world, especially in it's most famous variant, 8-ball. You can play on 7-, 8- or 9-foot tables with plain and striped balls, the goal is to insert a certain ball before the opponent to win. Pool also have many sub-variaties.


Table without holes and three balls. These two are the most distinctive features of the carom billiard, also known as French billiards. It is played in heated half-match or grand match tables, with white, yellow and red, and its objective is none other than to make cannon shots. Although there is also a large variety of carom games (free, band, table 71/2, table 47/1, five keels ...), the best known is the 3 bands. And, by the way, Spain has a great ambassador, Dani Sánchez, four times world champion.



Back to the holes, the colorful balls and the huge table, almost like a football field. Snooker is England's billiard and increasingly in the Asian community. It is played on a 12-foot table, with 15 red balls and 6 colored balls, smaller than pool or carambola, and with super-reduced holes. If patience is not your thing, best avoid this game, because it is one of the most complicated by far. It is also the most media attractive and the one that generates more business. If you win the 3-band world cup, you get 10,000 euros; If you win the ball 9, $ 40,000 (38,000 euros); And if you win the snooker; 300,000 pounds (350,000 euros). Sounds juicy, right?



England is not only about snooker, but also blackball (English pool, 8 ball or pool 51 in Spain). They created it so that those who did not have patience, could also enjoy billiards. Although not the easiest modalities: it is played on a small table (similar to 7 feet) with red, yellow and black balls. The particularity of this game is that the white ball is smaller than the rest of balls, so it physically reacts differently to certain shots. In Catalonia there is a large community of blackballers who organize such cool tournaments as the Catalonia Pool Festival:


And we finished this list with one least known but more complicated: Russian Pyramid is, like snooker, played on a 12-foot table, with larger balls and all white, except the cue ball (which is usually garnet or yellow). Holes are only a few millimeters larger than the balls, so it is very difficult to insert them. Depending on the rules, there is a free mode pyramid, a dynamic mode pyramid, or a combined mode pyramid.

After having seen all these billiard modes, which one is your favorite? Do you know any other mode played on another country or place?

Let us know down in the comments secction!

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