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6 facts about billiard player Niels Feijen

If I only could choose a billiard player as my favorite, Niels Feijen would be the chosen one. It seems to me the most complete with difference: for its consistency, for its resistance and, of course, for its quality at the table. In this week's article we will see the 6 facts that have taken the Dutchman to the top of the world pool. With all of you, the best of "Terminator".

1- Routine
We have commented many times how important routine is in any precision sport like billiards. Niels Fiejen is one of those top billiard players with a very refined routine. Prepare each shot in the same way, follow a marked ritual and that is what allows you to always be in the area, ready to kill.

2- Technique
From Niels Feijen's technique we can highlight at least two details: one, the alignment with his dominant eye (right): unlike most billiards, he places the cue very to the right of his head, probably due to a problem of view; and two, the "paradiña" just before hitting the white ball: in the last preshot, he stops half a second and immediately penetrates the cue with the softness that characterizes him.

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3- Creativity
Niels Feijen is a creative billiard player, he knows how to read the games phenomenally, find the best ways and solve the problems. He is a genius when it comes to making everything very easy, but he has no problem in risking a ball when he plays, or doing stratospheric jumps like these:

4- Competitiveness
The Dutchman Niels Fiejen is undoubtedly one of the most competitive billiards players in the professional circuit. No matter the rival or if the tournament is small, always gives the maximum of himself and concentrates as if it were the final of the World Pool Masters. Its success is due to that extreme level of competitiveness, to the crazy desire to win all the championships it plays.

5- Resistance
Being very competitive also helps you to always be motivated to win. And that, in return, makes you resist in situations of pressure or bad times, which always exist. A great billiard player like he knows how to hold the guy with a 6-0 down, or fight for the losers area all weekend with the goal of taking the cup. It has a Dutch mentality: maximum coldness and resistance.

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6- Environment
Niels Feijen is world champion, several times champion and MVP of the Mosconi Cup, champion of Europe and also of the World Pool Masters by own merits. It is clear that he has earned it, but it has also helped to have an environment of support: the getaway that made the United States as a young man to train or the professional pool structure that exists in the Netherlands, well above other European countries.

And here the keys of The Terminator, maybe we learned something about him :)

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