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When professional billiard players miss easy shots

Even Professional billiard players can miss the easiest shots. This can be due to pressure, lack of concentration or even not enough motivation during the game. Being a billiard god doesn't grant you to be exempt of mistakes. Check the following videos and try not to cringe watching these missed easy shots.

1. John Morra at the World Cup of Pool
White ball 3 diamonds away from a black ball placed just about one inch to enter the pocket, only a simple and straight shot was needed. This kind of situation grants an easy win 99% of the times, but unluckily, not this time for John Morra. The Canadian player was so confident about this shot that ended up missing it.

2. Karl Boyes at the World Pool Masters
British player Karl Boyes missed a totally impossible to miss 8 ball shot. This happened during the World Pool Masters and this was totally a lack of concentration mistake. Check how Boyes is smiling and flirting with the spectators, this gave his game away and most probably made him miss an already won game.

3. Efren Reyes, Shane Van Boening, Mika Immonen…
What do all these players have in common? Well, all of them are outstanding players but they also can miss shots. The following video contains a compilation of this pro players missing shots no one could expect them to miss, probably not even the players themselves.

4. Liang Wenbo at Masters against Ronnie O’Sullivan
Liang Wenbo had a great chance at the Masters de Snooker, but he missed the shot. After a great comeback, he just needed to get the black ball in the pocket, but unluckily, the ball just decided not to do it, giving O'Sullivan the winning shot.

¿Why professional players don't usually miss shots?
- They are better trained to keep calm under pressure.
- They are used to get perfect shots quite often, and that gives them a lot of confidence.
- They are talented, have thousand of hours of practice, dedication and a huge experience in playing tournaments.

¿What is the difference between a mistake made by a professional and an amateur?
Both can miss a really easy shot, but the real difference comes with the attitude after making the mistake. The amateur player will get angry and this will most probably also affect his concentration, making him miss the next couple of shots. On the other hand, the professional player will analyze the mistake and try not to make it again, assuring the next shot will be perfect.

So, don't get mad if you miss a shot, look at it as a way of improving, this way if you miss an easy shot, regard it as a chance for you to practice your pro player attitude :)