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Learn the secrets of billiards with J.A. Pina

The entire Poolmania team is always looking for ways to improve your user experience in our online store and be able to offer you the best. For that reason, we have been working with one of our sponsored players to give you something that you will love. We want you to meet Juan Antonio Pina, national 8-ball champion in 2018 and part of the  Spanish billing team.



He was born in Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz. This Spanish player has conquered the billing world with his passion and ambition. He does not dedicate himself to it professionally, which is the reason for his achievements in a straightforward way. You would be delighted to see his training sessions. He is one of those fortunate people who have managed to set up a private billing room in his house so that he can spend every free hour to improve his technique.



He is a perfectionist and hard-working person. He has been passionate about this amazing sport since he was very little and tries to get the maximum yield from each training session. He likes to listen and watch his opponents. He knows that constancy and hard work are essential factors in becoming a champion. In the Spanish billiards Team he had the opportunity to share equipment and goals with great players, like David Alcaide, Francisco Díaz (Pakito), Fran Sanchez, Diego Pedro Simón, Iker Echeverría, Hector del Amo ... among others. From them, I have learned many things like the education at the table, the paused rhythm ... virtues that are characteristics of true champions.

Click on the following video to listen to the first part of this interview.



As we mentioned before, we wanted to take a step forward and offer you a real deal. We know that offering the best implies listening to you, we did it and bring you the first part of an amazing series of tutorials. We have learned that what you like is to see people who compete in the bigger league training. For this reason, together with these interviews to get to know more and more of this great player, we will publish tutorials that will give you the clues to be an authentic champion. 



In this article, we will give you a link to the first tutorial. If you want to keep updated follow us on our social networks: Instagram @Poolmania_es, Facebook Poolmania, Twitter Poolmania_es, and YouTube. In addition, to announcing everything related to these tutorials, you will enjoy lots, promotional codes, and special offers. Hurry up!