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Is billiards an easy or difficult game?


Is billiards an easy or difficult game? It depends. It is easy to put balls, but it is very complicated to dominate the control of the white ball, win continuous matches, compete under pressure ... There is something about billiards that stand outs more than any other, the challenge of this sport. Read this article and discover it.

When you learn to play pool for the first time, usually you learn three things:

First, how to place yourself. That is, the position of the feet, the hand of rear grip, the bridge of the front hand, the eyes, the inclination of the cue and all these technical issues that at first we don’t really understand.

Second, how to put balls. Straight balls and easy short shots, then balls a little more complicated, then learn to pull stronger, to draw, etc. etc.

And third, to play with effects, to plan the game, which ball you will shoot later, how to make a good defense and more strategic issues.

These three points are very important, it is good to learn them. But for me the great difficulty of billiards, what makes the difference, is another. Neither more nor less, than time.

Time? You will be wondering…

Time, yes, because unlike many other sports, ours allows us to study, analyze, think and decide each move calmly. Football is dynamic, in general the game does not stop (except when there is a foul, a penalty, etc.). Billiards, on the other hand, is static. Before each shot we have time to decide what we will do, how we will play.

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The biggest difficulty of billiards is knowing how to manage well those 30, 40 or 120 seconds that separate one shot from another. Why? Because it is the ideal time for our minds to grow up and start bombarding us with negative thoughts, with stories that do not come to mind.


The same thing happens to golf players: the ball remains still while waiting for our hit.

Managing well the moments before the shot (with a good routine, a correct mental state and good decisions) is vital, but it is clear that there are other important factors that hinder the billiards. Another is the game conditions.

It is very complicated that in two different clubs, tables work and fell exactly the same. Moreover, we often find that in the same club, each table plays in a different way. The type of table, the rugs, the size of the embrasures, the humidity, the quality of the balls and a long etcetera of conditions that we as billiards must adapt to.

Summing up, managing the shooting time well and adapting quickly to the conditions of each table are the two keys to billiards. What do you think?

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