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How to change the tip of your billiard cue

Wow! Again I have to change the tip of the pool cue. But…. How do I do it? If you are a "handyman", you like to learn this kind of stuff and you want to save some money, then keep reading. If on the other hand you are clumsy and you are not even able to change a light bulb, it is better that you invest your time in other things. Let's go!!

These are the 8 steps you should follow to change the tip of a pool cue:

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1- The first thing you have to do is remove the old tip. You have to be sure to remove all the small pieces of tip and leave the surface completely flat.

2- It is necessary to sand the surface of the new tip to be sure that it is flat.

3- Use a small piece of wood with a hole formed the size of the tip that we want to change to apply glue. What you have to keep in mind is that the tip always has to be a bit bigger than the size of your cue.

4- We must be careful with the size of the tip we are using to make the change. If we use it the same size as the cue we will only have an opportunity to change it perfectly before fixing it definitively.

5- Press until it is fixed and at that moment cut the excess of tip. For this we will use a blade or sharp blade and cut down. It is very important to cut with the blade in parallel to the cue

6- If you have come this far, now is the time to shape the tip. It is done from the center outwards using a medium grade sandpaper

7- Finally, polish the tip and the ferrule with a wool wire. The tip would be ready to play!

8- Now ... Enjoy your new tip, "handyman" and do not forget to put some chalk!

Poner tiza a taco de billar

You can also follow all steps in this video:

All this seems very good, but I will need tools to be able to do it, right? Right, without tools you will not be able to change the tip of the pool shaft, so we offer you some options that can come in handy:

- Jolly Cue: this accessory will help you to place the tips of any cue following a series of steps. It is suitable for tips with a diameter between 10 and 14 mm.

- 3 in 1 Ball Teck soles cutter: one of the most complete in the billiard market .. You can clean the ferrule and prepare the shaft with a new tip, cut the upper part of the tip without damaging the cap and shape the tip.

- Summa tool: available for tips of different sizes: 11.6-13.5 mm and 9-11.5 mm. It has everything you need to become your best ally to change tips. Gripping, molding, trimming ... All with the same tool

- Cuetec 3 in 1 tool: one of the indispensable ones. Valid to perforate the tips, give it a round shape and to achieve a better adherence to the chalk.

- Tool for sanding tips: very useful for sanding tips before gluing them and compatible with any diameter.

- Longoni 977 Pro glue:
 as we have seen in the steps to change the tips, the use of a glue will be indispensable. We recommend the Italian brand because it is valid for all tips of the market and for most ferrules.

Many tips to change the cue tip, tricks, tools. All that is very good, but ... Do you dare to change the sole of your pool cue? :)

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