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6 most dangerous enemies when playing billiards

In the Marvel universe there is a group of villains led by Doctor Octopus, the Sinister Six, who's goal is to annihilate Spiderman. In the billiard universe, spiderman is the player and the 6 villains... you will meet them in today's article. Actually there are many more, but these 6 are the most dangerous.

1- The rival
Villain in excellence, the opponent. He is a great enemy for two main reasons: one, he wants to annihilate us (billaristically speaking) and two, his game often conditions our own. How many times have we lost because we  give too much importance to who was the rival? Many. If we put all our focus on the rival, we are making him even more powerful.

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2- The environment
The environment encompasses a lot of small things that distract or divert us from the objective. That makes us lose concentration. Those things are the comments of friends, the comments of the public while you are playing (although they speak low, we do hear them), the presence of some important billarist in the stands (imposes) or the level / quality of the music that is heard in the background. All these factors suppose a great enemy and condition your performance.

3- The competition
Speaking of performance, competition is another great enemy. In training we beat it, but what happens when the tournament comes? Nerves, tension and failures. The competition becomes a villain the moment we stop enjoying it. When competing becomes an obligation, a kind of imposition, then it is normal that we end up frustrated: it must be seen as an opportunity to put into practice what has been learned, not as a life or death exam.

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4- Expectations
If you expect too much of yourself as a player, what do you get? Yes, disappointment. Excessive expectations are the fourth enemy of the billiard player because they fill us with pressure. We have already said many times that the less we think about the results (and more on the path that leads us to them), the more likely they are to arrive on their own.

5- The demotivation
There goes the penultimate villain, one of the most feared: the lack of desire and ambition. If we are unmotivated, if we do not pursue any goal, our level of play drops immediately. It is important that we always have a reason to continue battling each match in each tournament.

6- Ourselves
And the sixth, the most important of all: You. You and your mind are, in reality, your own enemy. Look at the previous five: all live in your thoughts: we think that the rival is better or worse than us, we think we do not want to disappoint the friends or the top billiard player who is watching us, we think the tournament is the most important day to show our game, we think that today we will win, we think that today we would prefer to sunbathe on the beach ... We think and think. And that is, without doubt, the great villain.

Which of these 6 enemies of the billiard player are you most afraid of? Do you have others in mind?

Write them in the comments below :D