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Where can I play Pool in Spain?

Since the idea of setting up came up, many of our efforts have been focused on providing all the information that a pool player like you may demand when you want to play in club or when you join a tournament.

So, we decided to introduce on our home page a map showing the location of the pool clubs that exist in our country.


Thus, we believe that any player could learn first-hand relevant information as the number, type and size of the tables a place holds, the price per game or hourly price, or the price of the drinks. Going a little further we also thought it was a good idea to know wether the club provided, for example, dart board and football.

In this process, your help is very important to us. You, better than anyone else, surely know much of this information and sharing it will benefit other players. Do not worry if you can not fill all the fields you'll find the form because surely others will help us complete it.

Best of all is that gradually the pool players will benefit from the advantages of having a current map with the clubs. When you're on vacation, on a visit to another city or for any other reason you can check our website and go to the club closest to your location.

 We invite you to participate in this project, in which you are a major part. 

Will you join us?