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What will the next billiard clubs Poolmania join?

Poolmania is barely a month old and already many pool clubs in Spain have been encouraged to publish their information and profile on our website.

Our goal is to get all the local clubs or pool table have the opportunity to become known in Poolmania. No matter if you have one, two, three or twenty tables, since in our website clubs and players all have their place. We want to be the site Poolmania reference to players who come to stay informed of our sport.

The review and assessment of users on the premises is one of the mainaspects that have influenced us, it is essential that all contributions that you feel may help to promote the pool in Spain and to place it in the place to bedeserves. Now, in Poolmania the player has the opportunity to communicate with clubs and other players who are in the same situation. The Poolmania community is on!

28 pool clubs in Spain have relied on us to make their services and are confident that many more will follow soon. We encourage you to make known Poolmania between the large number of pool players you have about your environment and your local common pool spend 3 minutes of its time to be in our community, which is everyone.