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Top Facts about Niels Fiejen

Top Facts about Niels Feijen

The Beggining

It all started at age 11 with the colored balls of the snooker. Feijen discovered billiards watching Jimmy White on television.

At the age of 12 he was already fighting at big tables with small pockets, but a little later he moved on to seven and nine feet tables, playing with his colleagues in his hometown, The Hague.

Adventure in America 

The big jump came at age of 20, when he had the opportunity to travel for a few weeks to the United States to train with Joe Kerr and start getting used to playing for money.

Feijen has always said that this is where he was forged as a player.

Returning to Holland meant a decrease in motivation: there were not so many opportunities. However, the desire returned when the Dutch Olympic Committee recognized the billiard as a "topsport", and that meant that it allocates important subsidies to the pool. For achieving a medal in the European championships, the Dutch as Feijen, receive the following year a monthly payment that can go from 1,500 to 1,800 euros.

Unmistakable technique

Short and quick file, cue on the right and long stop just before the shot makes the Niels Feijen technique unique. Of all these characteristics, the most surprising is probably the alignment of the cue so aside of his head. This is dued to sight problems.

Top Facts About Niels Fiejen

The year that won the most money in tournaments

In 2008 Niels Feijen pocketed, according to AZBilliards, 123,775 dollars in prizes collected in the championships, sponsorships aside.


It is the year that there was a turning point in his career: he was among the 8 of the world championships, fifth in the US Open and second in a major 9-ball tournament in Tokyo with 700 participants. He lost the final against Efren Reyes.

Those good results opened the doors to sponsors and from there, to the Everest of the pool. Champion of the World Pool Masters 2013, champion of the World 9 Ball Championship 2014, several times winner and MVP of the Mosconi Cup and many other achievements.

Any other hobbies besides billiards?

And so much: Fiejen DJ :)

Part of his mental strength comes from his love for sports, especially biking. When he is not at a pool table,  he spends part of his time composing music. Terminator is also a DJ.

Top Facts about Niels Fiejen