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Top Billiard Practice Drills

Top Billiard Practice Drills

Wojteg Tajak is the king of drills. His page contains countless routines and specific exercises for any situation. Short, long, thin, close to the band, sequences with a lot of traffic ... The good thing is that you can consult the diagrams with the position of all the balls and also watch the demo videos.

Not so exhaustive, but also interesting. 89BilliardZ gives you several exercises sorted out by categories, by position of the balls or by types of shooting.

Billiards Digest
Billiards Digest is one of the most important billiard magazines in the market. Inside this magazine, and on their web page, they often offer varied trainings to improve your game. If you take a look at this page you will find a lot of exercises with strange, but effective names.

Check Billiard
The above resources are completely free but if you want to have a training plan on your mobile there is the Check Billiard payment app, driven by Ralf Eckert. The good thing about the app is that it has many exercises available and several levels so that the player can progress.

Bonus: Do not miss Darren Appleton's drills.

Before you check these pages in search of drills, let me give you 3 tips that have helped me a lot and have been really useful when training alone:

1- Make progressive drills
You know better than anyone what your level of play is. Based on that, look for the exercises that you can finish with some ease and start with them. From there you go up on difficulty. If you start with super difficult routines the only thing you will achieve is lowering your confidence (because you will not finish them).

2- Do not want to do them all on the same day
Less is more, so it is best to decide "today I will train only these two or three drills." In this way you can perfect them and assimilate them much better.

3- Repeat, repeat and repeat
If you only do the routines one day they will be of no use. To accustom the arm and mind to this type of situation, you have to repeat the drills a thousand times. Repeat, repeat and repeat and you will win.

What other training exercises would you like to learn?

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