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Top 10 billiards videos by Efren Reyes

In all sports there is a magician. In billiards, it is clear who that illusionist is. His magic wand is the cue and its great virtue, getting impossible moves out from the hat. Age does not forgive - more than 60 years old-so let's enjoy it until we can. Introducing, the great magician of billiards, Efren Bata Reyes. Come, see and enjoy.

1- Saving traffic to 4 bands

Despite being a genius of billiards, the caroms are not given anything at all wrong. To show, look how he saved on this occasion the traffic to 4 bands:


2- A retro without space

No one would have thought that behind the 4 ball there would be enough space to pass the white one and make it go back to the other side of the table. Reyes came up with it and he did it.

3- The Z that went down in history

The Z of the billiard fox. One of the most mythical plays in the history of billiards. Poor Earl ...

4- Straight to the bottom? No, better in between

Efren smiles so much because playing billiards he has a really good time. And one of those sources of enjoyment is to make others enjoy themselves. As with this 10, that everyone saw the bottom and he saw right in the middle.

5- Combo for win

When he does the push out he already knows where he needs the white one to make the combo afterwards. The rival commits the big mistake of giving him the shot and Reyes does not forgive.


6- Magic with the peak

Magicians are, above all, very creative people able to get ideas from the hat. Creativity is one of the most important conditions of a billiard player and here the Filipino magician shows that he is a genius in this sense.

7- Efren Reyes in Spain

Reyes was a guest of honor at one of those great championships in Spain. Alcaide passes the hot potato, he holds hot coffee and the magician makes magic to stay with the rock. He did not need to take the cuecase off.


8- The magic counter defense

If Boyes 'defense was good, Reyes' counter defense was sublime. Not only saves the lack, but that rubs the ball with the necessary subtlety to cover the British.


9- Impossible to save? No way...

There was a good traffic jam on that billaristic highway, but Efren took the fast lane and put the direct one. One band, two bands, three bands and inside.


10- The king of one pocket

And the last trick of the magician of pool is a mix of tricks put together A good compilation of his best moves in a modality that gives him the one Pocket.


What do you think about Bata? He is just a billiards god :D