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The summary of the week in the world of pool and snooker (37)

Comes ... The best of the last week in pool and snooker! If you haven´t had the opportunity to be a day don`t worry, we'll make it easy. News, current events, interviews, the best clubs, the latest in our shop and more!


- "Pakito" Diaz and Fran Sanchez, winners in the Spanish Championship of Pool

- "Pool Sur" breaks in Andalucia

- Super Dani will play in the Bundesliga

- The new season of carom billiard already come closer

- New World Cup launched in Colombia


In the blog

- Know better ... José Esperanço. Interview with this portuguese player


The club of the week

- Association Billiards Teo in Santiago de Compostela. Do you want know more?


The best in our shop

- August discounts are here :-) Who gives more?


The video of the week

- Ball-Effect Systems 5. You can see many more videos on the channel acbillar of Rafa Bogallo