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Technical principles of pool with Raul Hebles. The 8 Ball break

Feel like learning new technical fundamentals of pool? Raul Hebles today brings a wonderful videotutorial on break in 8-Ball.

Usually every player must have a first and second serve for tournaments. Today I bring these breaks in 8-Ball. They can perform both 9, 8 or 7'.

The first service, the most effective if hard ball. It is a long speed. There are currently two ways to take the break for lifelong strength and kick speed, where the force does not influence the balls and much more open than a break by force. This break is from the line cabin in the center about three inches to one side or another in the center of the apex with a white back (down), high grip and accompany the break with the body to impart more speed.

The second serve when you use the first serve is not going, it's like in tennis if we go first to the second break. This is taken from the line cabin one side, the grip and the ball is hit with a little kick with a medium strength. Will strike a second ball of the triangle. This break is almost always effective because we'll put the "win ball" , so called because it is the ball that can make us win the game or the championship. This break has the drawback that as a rule tend to prefer the most difficult balls and seals the game.

This video Raul explains it perfectly:-)

What would you like to be the next Raul Hebles videotutorial?