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Poolmania is born, the website for the World of Pool

Today we are attending a grand opening. Poolmania born, a website aimed at players and billiard clubs, which aims to become the reference portal for players of this sport in Spain.

In the team of this project we have Javier Romero, Telecommunications Engineer with MBA at Instituto de Empresa. Javier has experience in strategic consulting and the creation and development of new business models, both in the telecommunications sector and in other professional areas.

And the writer of this post, Diego Suarez, a journalist by profession, and Masters in Communication Management from ESIC. I've linked to communication for more than seven years, and now I'm immersed in projects related to the Community Management and social networking and e-commerce.

When we started designing the project, we realized that in Spain there was nowebsite that tied together all the relevant information pool club. Understood whyit was important to break down the aspects that are interested in a player poolwhen going to a club, the number, type and size of the tables, the starting price and time or the price of the drinks.

We also understood that without the participation of users like you, this page would be meaningless. We encourage you to spend a little time to complete theinformation in the web, so that all users and encourage players. Who has not passed him being in another city for vacation or other reason he has desired to play a few games and has not found a club to do so. From now on Poolmanianot have to worry about it.

On the Web have a lot of content that will be of interest, an online store with top quality materials from the best brands available soon, and many other surprises that will explain in future posts.

We want this blog to be a space to share opinions, to know the pool today and learn a little more of this sport we love. Of course we are happy to receive your opinions and give you the ability to write in this blog.

Do you play with us?