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Playing pool for money?

In the world of billiards there are two kinds of players: those who play for money and those who do not. Some see this practice of betting as a good psychological training (and, of course, a possible way of income), others as a stain on the sport that makes us no good. Everyone is right, so in today's post we will discuss the art of playing pool for money. Will you join the debate?

Juagar al billar por dinero

"If I do not play for money I do not feel pressure"

"If I do not play for money I will not be motivated”

"If I do not play for money, I will not play"

These are the three typical phrases that would tell you a billiard player used to money games. For him, to play a set to 20, 50, 100 euros, is the motivation necessary to get his best level. Something essential.

In the United States and the Philippines practically everybody plays for money. It is part of the essence of this game, they do not conceive it without putting some money in between. They are very used to it, much more than we are. In Europe / Spain we also have frequent matches for money, but more when the level of players is high.

If I had to be on one side, I'd rather be in the pool of purist billiards who defend the sport and do not play for money. Although I fully understand the thinking of those who do. And, in fact, every now and again it seems more reasonable for me to use money as motivation, as a way of putting you under pressure.

The problem is not that we play money, but the misconception that we associate paper money. It seems that money is something dirty, something ugly, when deep down it is simply an exchange tool. It is scary to lose the set and lose 50 euros, but it is a very relative problem.

Do you like to compete? Do you play tournaments? Then you play for money. You have paid an entry to participate and it is possible that you take a cash prize if you get far. The difference is that the focus is the competition, the tournament, the quadrant, the sport, etc., but in the background is also money. We all play for money.

Being aware that there is money at stake triggers your adrenaline, it makes you more nervous than normal. Hence those who are used to money games, are more used to better manage situations under pressure; And those who do not, not so much.

In many professional circuit tournaments (especially the unofficial ones), just after finishing their matches, the players are already looking for rivals to play the money. So they continue to train their heads and perhaps, hopefully, pay the expenses of the trip.

Playing pool for money: yes or no? It depends on you. I think it's a matter of common sense: if you feel like getting used to playing under pressure and you can afford to bet some money, go ahead. The experience will help you to grow in level and to face the championships in a different way.

And you, what do you think?