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Know better ... Carlos Belmonte

After Christmas break, we resume activity on the blog. Today we know the pool Malaga playing career Carlos Belmonte.

How long is your passion for the pool?

For it was in 11 when I played my first game. Then I had to leave because my parents would not let me attend the club that opened late. Then I went back to pick up at age 17 was when I really started to train and play tournaments.

What are you most passionate about this sport?

What most excites me is the competition, it is important to have clear ideas and be focused, because as we all know, in the world of billiards is very important to be mentally balanced and psychologically.

What are the modalities you practice?

8 Ball and 10-Ball, but my advice if someone wants to reach a high level, we should practice other modalities that may provide more knowledge and thus become a more complete player.

How cue brand you usually play? What do you change to another?

Predator Leopard P2 and Predator BK2.

How often do you play each week? Do you think that is enough to improve your game?

I do not train regularly, just let me play when I work or when I meet desire and motivation. There are times when I have become two months without playing, but I usually frequent the club three or four times a week.

What club you play normally? Do you think that is well suited for the practice of billiards?

The club is called VOER KAFE, has nine tables of 7 feet, 9 feet seven tables and a snooker table. The truth is that it plays very well, a large number of players and good people. You are invited to visit.

What do you think should make billiard clubs to attract more players?

In the beginning we all know that we went through a bad economic time in Spain, and that is why managers billiard clubs currently can not contribute much. Anyway, I encourage them to keep alive the desire of players to compete, organizing tournaments and keeping touch with them and trying to explain the situation.

What was your best game or tournament?

The best experience I had in Las Vegas in the tournament organized by the BCA Pool League (MEN'S SINGLES PLAYER menber) in 2006, but were not known professional players, I rely on the game I got. I made a perfect game for four days, but with a bit sorry for losing the finals (both winners and losers) thus obtaining the third place.

Have you always had confidence in your game or, on the contrary, you have come moments of doubt?

 That's one of the struggles I've been suffering from constant I started playing, and it is true that there are moments of doubt and insecurity. However, there was a time when I stayed at a high level, and I'm sure that is by the number of tournaments that I played this year, so I recommend that you play many games and tournaments with players from one level to be possible, equal to or higher than the self.

Have you had the opportunity to compete outside Spain?

Just only in Las Vegas, where I spent four times.

What is the player that you look to try to improve your game?

My favorite player is Ralf Souquet, but lately I look at some videos of players currently in the form and an extraordinary level as Darren Appleton and Nick Van Den Berg.

Tell us a story that happened to you playing pool

Well more than an anecdote, for me the pool has been everything so far has been a way of life where I have met very important people that are part of everyday life, and many friends from different parts of Spain to which I appreciate the time spent and we left to live.

How do you see the health of the sport in Spain now?

I think now the pool is clean sport in which young players are being discovered, and which are opening new pool halls more focused on what this sport needs. The experience I have from years ago, is that once you had to play to go to pubs or bars where there was a little sporty environment that were associated with alcohol and drugs.

Why do you think that is down to the players participation in national tournaments?

As I mentioned earlier, I think the blame for everything is generally in the economy affecting the country since the sponsors have fallen, and with them all who had a medium enterprise and to produce economic goods to organize tournaments. I have many friends who stopped playing pool and all tell me they have the same problem, there is little work and who are going through difficult times.

Where do you think can be the solution?

One solution would be someone who loves the sport and can help provide capital goods organizing tournaments, and after that everyone who has a club does not lose the desire and keep moving players and attract new players trying.

Why do you think that in Spain the pool is not a very attractive sport for the media?

I think because there are very few clubs and little hobby. I also think that if more tables scattered clubs, bars, etc.., Would like some more fans and claim the attention of the media.

What would you say to young people that was encouraged to practice?

Well that is a very nice skill sport in which there are many types of games. It is also an engaging game, and who likes to compete encourage you to try.

Is there anything you would like to add.

For a big hug and hope everything goes for the best and that your fruit may obtain after good work.


Thank you very much Carlos for granting us this interview. Good luck for this season begins :-)