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How to win in a Billiard Tournament

We all play to win, but only the best win: those who have prepared themselves consciously, those who always train with one goal in mind, those who follow a routine, those who will compete and not play, those who never see a game as lost, who are not satisfied with reaching the final, those who are willing to sacrifice themselves to be the winners.

- Have you prepared yourself thoroughly?

- Are you training with a goal?

- Do you still play a game routine?

- Are you going to compete?

- You never think a game is lost, even if all odds are against you?

- Do you feel reaching the finals is not enough for you?

- Are you willing to sacrifice everything to win?

If you want to win, the answer to all these questions must be a YES!.

Trust and believe that you will win

It is not a matter of faith, it is a matter of laws of attraction. The things you think about are the things you will attract. If you think that today you will also lose, it is very likely that today you will also lose. If you trust and believe that today, or one day, you will win, that thought sooner or later will be fulfilled.

To win you must be ambitious, get rid of limits (yours and others) and dream big.

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Dreaming big and having too many expectations often go hand in hand, and that can play against you.

- Too many expectations = very high risk of disappointment

- Low expectations = very high risk of not having enough motivation to win.

- The right amount of expectations = very high risk of enjoying the game as much as possible (this is the best state of mind)

Most of the times I won a pool tournament I did not expect that I would win. I was aware of my possibilities, but without raising my expectations too much towards victory.

Should winning be your goal?

Next time someone asks you what is your goal for a tournament. Think twice before answering "win".

Winning should not be the main goal, this is because of one simple reason: in general (unless you're a super billiard player) not everyone is able to win a tournament. Aiming for a such difficult to achieve goal, will only get you more and more frustrated every single time you fail, and this will finally make you not being able to enjoy this sport.

Positive objectives to practice:

- Be true to my style and to my game routine

- Enjoy and fight each game until the end

- Keep a positive state of mind even if the odds are against me

Notice that winning is not needed in order to meet these three objectives.

For champions, winning is the consequence of fulfilling all those small objectives. It is the reward for a well done job, perseverance and constancy.

There is no magic formula for winning, but it is very likely that you will achieve it if you work hard and never give up.

Go for it!

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