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How to comeback in a billiard game

Sometimes billiard games are complicated at the beginning and there is no choice but to build an epic comeback. Most billiards throw the towel before time without knowing that, with a little confidence, a game that seems lost could still end in a victory. Keep reading if you want to discover some useful tricks to overcome your pool games and leave the opponent knocked out.

It's not how it starts, it's how it ends. Until the referee does not blow the ending whistle, everything can happen. In our case, until the black ball (or 9 or 10) is in the pocket, there is still a match. The first trick is clear: trust.

1. Trust that you can comeback
You will only be able to overcome if you trust 100% that you can do it. That, although it is complicated, it is possible, feasible. To maintain a good level of confidence, you can use your past successes, remember that you have been playing for a long time and that you have mastered the pool or simply enjoy the game that you are most passionate about.

2. Remember big comebacks
Surely in a championship you marked one of those historical comebacks that we like so much. When you see yourself again in a difficult situation, remember that day and convince yourself that you can do it again. If you do not remember any of your comebacks, remember some of the professional billiards players, like this one of the great Ronnie O'Sullivan.

3. Stay motivated
Motivation is everything. And when we are behind in the score, even more. If you do not want to win, to pass one more round, to "crush" the opponent (in the good sense of the word), then it is very likely that you will end up doing what 90% of billiards do: throwing the towel with a 4-0. Or even before. The key is to stay motivated all the time, even when you're losing 4-0. Find your own motivation, remember why you play, what is the goal you scored, and go for it.

4. Change the dynamics
Billiards is a game of dynamics. Sometimes everything rolls in favor and, at other times, without knowing very well because, it seems that everything comes out crooked. When you go below on the scoreboard, the most normal thing is that everything comes out crooked. That's why we have to force a change in dynamics. We have to do "something" so that things starts to go well. There are many ways to do it. One of the best ways is to ask for a time-out to take a breath, go to the bathroom or relax listening to your favorite music. When you return to the table you will feel cooler and what you saw uphill now may be easier to carry. You have to change the dynamics, whatever it may be but always respecting the opponent.

5. Save your composure and stay positive
If you follow the steps above, you will find it much easier to maintain your composure and positivity despite losing. It is very important that you do not enter the spiral of negativity, complaints and frustration in which many billiards fall. To overcome this issue, you have to think positive, see the good side of billiards and be the best friend of the billiard balls. Only then will they also be your best friends and help you achieve the goal: the comeback.

And you, how good are you at comebacks? Tell us more about this in the comments section below :D