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Earl Strickland's best moments.

All sports have their peculiar and controversial player. He who leaves no one indifferent Who is tremendously hated or absolutely loved. The one who leaves footprints wherever he goes and does that, that sport, the best known sea in the world. It is clear that, in the billiards, that guy is called Earl Strickland. In this article we are going to see some of his greatest moments.

Billiards would not be the same without an extravagant gentleman like Earl Strickland. Born in Roseboro (USA) in 1961, from a young age he won the nickname: The Pearl. He is well known for his unpredictable behavior and his incredible talent entering balls with a club. 

If you take a look at the track of harvested titles, you'll see that Earl has won virtually everything, including three world titles. Along with Shane Van Boening (who got his heels last week), he is the billiard player who has won the most US Open 9 Ball Championship, 5. In fact, the nine ball mode is his specialty.

The Mosconi Cup would not be the same either without the gentleman who catches huge gibes when some European takes him out of control. I have lost count of the times that Earl has raged in that competition, but I will always remember at least three moments:


1- Mosconi Cup 2006

The shaft took the blame. Earl explodes by failing on 7 and decides it's time to break it. Check minute 1:05.


2- Mosconi Cup 2013

Karl Boyes and Earl Strickland do not get along too well. The 2013 Mosconi Cup was clear. Check the clash of hands post game (minute 11:25)

3- Mosconi Cup 2000Also note some positive folly, for example, the celebration of the Mosconi Cup 2000. The pearl finished by defeating Tomas Engert and celebrated the American victory.

Even if he does not qualify, Earl will always have room to play the Mosconi Cup, because it guarantees that things happen, that there is a mess, that there is more expectation. Just what Barry Hearn and Matchroom Sport needs.

Beyond his stellar appearances in the Mosconi Cup, Earl has starred in historic games and challenges with lots of money on the table.

1996 The Color of Money, $ 100,000 vs. Efren Reyes

3 days, Ball 9 to 120 won, the winner took the 100,000.


Milion Dollar Challenge, $ 1,000,000 for 11 consecutive games in Ball 9

Legend has it that Earl got the challenge but had trouble getting a million. There is no video that shows the 11 consecutive series.

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At this point, I sense that you ask yourself the same question as I do: is it good that there is such a diamond for billiards?

It is clear that his attitude is not at all exemplary, but geniuses tend to be that way. The day that Earl stops playing, stop complaining, stop scandals, we'll miss it.