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8 keys to become a great billiard player

What does it take to be a great billiard player? What do all champions have that the rest don’t? In the post of this week we analyzed 8 essential keys to succeed in the competitive billiards. If you have done your homework, the concepts will be familiar to you already; othrerwise, take note to put them into practice!

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1- Talent

First of all, you have to get well. You need some ability to play billiards. Normally the great players had the ability from very young, they were born "to play billiards". It does not mean that it is an innate talent, but they have more facility than the rest.

2. Planning

The great majority of billiard players do not fail for lack of precision but for bad planning. When you do not put a complicated ball in the hole, you have actually failed the previous one (placement). Hence planning is a key factor, which sets the champions apart from the rest. Planning well means to be clear from the beginning of the game and always look for the easiest way.

3. Curiosity

Curiosity to enjoy the small movements of the balls, the different types of shots, the route of the white and, above all, curiosity to learn every day something new. Even if you are a great champion.

4. Positivity

If you do not have a positive mindset, you will hardly attract positive results. The energy you give off at the pool table is very important. That is why it is always advisable to always keep your composure, not complain, to trust your own game. In short, be positive. Thus sooner or later the reward ends.

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5. Resistance

The champions do not mind playing marathon days of 12 or 14 hours. They are prepared for it and know that it is part of the road if they want to achieve success. Nor will they come down if you wait for 3 hours between game or game or if the match starts at 12 at night. Resistance makes the difference.

6. Ambition

In the DNA of a champion is also the ambition: the (fair) win and motivation to self-overcome and always achieve a better result. Be ambitious to achieve great achievements.

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7. Discipline

Do not party the day before, get enough rest, eat well, follow the training schedule even when you do not feel like it, analyze your weaknesses to find solutions instead of making excuses ... Discipline is another key factor.

8. Nobility

If you meet the seven previous characteristics but you lack this one, the octave, I'm sorry but you will not be a great billiard player. We must be noble on and off the table, we must respect the rival and rejoice in the successes of others. You have to play fair.

And so far the 8 keys to succeed in competitive billiards. Notice that we have not talked about how to make spectacular shots, how to draw very well or be a master of retro. Of course that's also important, but much more the psychology of billiards. For something we say that 80% (or more) of success depends on the head.

What factor do you think you should improve? Tell us in the comments :)