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7 tips to learn faster how to play pool

Billiards is a very technical sport and in the beginning one can feel very frustrated. In fact, it takes a lot of perseverance and a good teacher to learn from scratch and reach a good level. As we all like to learn fast, this week we bring you  7 tricks so you can begin to master the pool in a few months. Ready? Lets go!

Learn only the essentials

To speak decently a language, you do not have to learn all the words. Well, the same happens with billiards: to play decently you do not need to dominate each and every shot, to know all the theories and execute any play perfectly. Simply learn the basic movements and the most frequent shots. 90% of the shots are simple shots, so start there. Similarly, do not mess with the complicated balls until you dominate the simple ones.

Learn from the best

To be a good player you have to look at how good players play. If you are in a pool club, there are sure to be 2 or 3 players who stand out above the rest and from whom you could learn a lot. Observe them, ask them things and sign up for all the advice they can give you :)

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Subscribe to these billiard channels

If you do not have good billiards nearby, then look for them on the internet. There is no excuse: youtube is full of videos of championships, training, maximum breaks, trickshots and other billiard material that can serve as inspiration. You can subscribe to channels like Genipool14 or Snooker Planet.

Play against opponents stronger than you

Many billiards only want to play against opponents equal or weaker than them in order to have at least winning options. This is a perfect way to never progress, so do not make the same mistake. The more you play against stronger opponents than you, the faster you will learn and assimilate things. To learn, first you have to lose quite a lot.

Accept that you are going to fail many shots

Learning means to fail, to try, to fail again, to try again, to fail once again, to try again and finally to succeed. During this learning period, you will suffer and it is normal, it is just about enjoying the process and trusting that based on work and effort, all those small failures will one day become something good.

Practice as much as you can

Practicing is the only way to get used to this sport, to grow as you play and to achieve victory. In order to learn fast you must practice a lot. It is about doing exercises and specific training with a specific objective.

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Compete as much as you can (and even more)

Practicing will serve to accustom the arm, but to accustom your mind you need to compete, sign up for tournaments, feel the real pressure. The arm is important, but the head is even more important. Start competing in the lowest category and as you go up, you will progress until you reach First or Master.

Do you know any other tips for fast improvement in billiards? Leave us your comments in the comment box below :D