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25 billiard situations to apply to life

After 15 years entering balls, I begin to lose count of the infinity of things that billiards has taught me. Many of the experiences that occur to us at the table are useful to face life itself, maybe that's why I (us) like this sport so much. Billiards is a life school, so today we collect 25 billiard situations from which to learn and apply to our daily routine and daily life.

Bolas de billar

1 - If you do not enjoy the table, you better indulge in something else.

2- When you begin to stand out as a billiard player you will be approached by many people: some (few) to show your admiration for you; Others (many) to show your envy. From both you can learn something.

 3- Those who can not win you playing fair, try to do it playing dirty. Do not pay too much attention to them: that is their great defeat.

4- The table is a mirror of your soul: while you play, it reflects who you are, how you act and what you are looking for. If you ever lose your nerve, remember how you play.

5-10.000 hours of training make you an expert ... of training. Compete if you want to be a competitive billiard player.

6- Your worst rival is you. In fact, your head. Very few have managed to win themselves, but with a lot of work there are those who manage to get closer.

7- You will never know enough, every day you will learn to learn something new. A tip: be willing to do so.

8- From the greatest achievement to absolute catastrophe sometimes there is only one game (or balls) of difference.

9- The most important thing is not the last ball but all that you entered before and gave you the opportunity to shoot the final one.

10- In time justice is always done: if you deserve to win, you will win; If you deserve to lose, you will lose. Do not be in a hurry.

11- There are two types of billiard players: those who make excuses and those who seek solutions.

12- To win you need desire, but not too much; Motivation, but fair; And passion, all.

13- What you want them to think of you and what you think they think of you, tends to be different things. Unless you are honest and realistic with yourself.

14- Sometimes we play without knowing why we play. From time to time it is okay to stop and try to answer the question. Then you will play better.

15 - Perfection does not exist. If you are looking for it, you are wasting your time.

16- Do you always miss the same balls? Maybe you have not looked for the right solution. Or perhaps you have not sought the solution yet.

17- Billiards is love and hate, joy and frustration. When everything goes well, nothing makes you feel better. When everything twists, you will break the cue. The important thing is to be aware that it will always be about living both situations. And do not break it.

18- If you do not plan the game, sooner or later you will get stuck. Like life itself.

19- If you constantly think that everything will go wrong, everything will go wrong. If you think positive, positive things will happen to you.

20- If every time you start a new championship your heart does not accelerate, you can be going through two things: one, you are well prepared mentally and physically; Or two, you lack motivation.

21- There will never be two exactly equal gamese. Since there will never be two days exactly alike.

22- Never underestimate anything: neither the rival, nor the billiards, nor the balls, nor the scoreboard ...

23- As long as it is mathematically possible, you have options to win. Believe it, fight for it and beat it before you throw in the towel.

24- Tony Drago is extra-fast, Raj Hundal plays with a scarf on the head ... Do not settle for being a billiard player anymore. Be special.

25- If you only had 24 hours left, would you play billiards?

I'll let you post the 26 in the comments :)