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10 pool clubs in the world that you should visit

If every football player dreams of ever stepping the grass at Camp Nou or the Bernabeu, every billiard player dreams of rolling the balls on the tables in the Star Billiards Center or in the Amsterdam Billiards Club. Today, we gather 10 of the best pool halls in the world, the temples that all billiard player should visit at least once in their lifetime.

10 pool clubs in the world that you should visit

1.- Amsterdam Billiards Club

Located in New York, it is one of the best pool halls in the United States, with 25 9 ft. Brunswick tables. In Amsterdam Billiards Club, professional pool players such as Mika Immonen, Tony Robles or Jennifer Baretta train.

2.- Barrage Club Athens

Athenian Barrage Club is one of the best pool halls in Greece, where international tournaments have been organized and where great pool players such as Nikos Ekonomopoulos train.

3.- Carom Café Billiards

In New York you can find two of the best pool halls in the United States. We have already spoken about the first one: Amsterdam Billiard. The second one, dedicated to carom is the Carom Cafe Billiards, home of the United States Billiards Assosiation (USBA).

4.- Ding Junhui Billiards Club

Snooker in China is an increasingly popular and media sport. In the Asian giant there are many clubs, but this hall is special because it is named by one of the best players in the country, Ding Junhui. Open since 2009, it is located in Xiamen.   

5.- Mannone Club

On the outskirts of Milan, there is a good place for lovers of carom billiards. The top performer five-pin billiards player Salvatore Mannone puts the club name, linked to the Italian Federation of Billiards.

6.- Marie’s Golden Cue

If you travel to Chicago, do not miss “the golden cue”. In Marie’s Gonden Cue you will find 18 9 ft. tables, a great billiard atmosphere and sometimes polls. The club has been used as polling place in several US elections.

7.- Poollokaal De Gracht

Those who have played in this club say that it is the best of Amsterdam and one of the best in the Netherlands, although it competes with other remarkable one, Plan B Pool. It has 15 pool tables.

5.- Star Billiards Center

A mandatory stop in the land of the kings of pool, Philippines. There are many pool clubs in Manila, but Star Billiards is the reference since it opened in 2002. It has 1,000 square meters of space and 46 Brunswick tables.

9.- Stepfield Snooker Club

If “The Captain” Ali Carter trains in the Stepfield Snooker Club, it is for one reason. The place, located 80 kilometers northeast of London, in Stepfield, has 8 professional Snooker tables.

10.- Star Snooker Academy

It is not exactly a hall, but a Snooker academy for young promises, also worth a visit if we go around Sheffield. In these facilities, some of the best snooker players in the world have grown and keep growing.

Would you add any other club in this top 10 for billiard temples scattered around the world? Please, recommend them in the article comments.